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Posture adaptor

1 year 11 months ago
Posture adaptor


Almost all jobs now require you being on a desk all day. Even if you’re a student, you’ll be sitting at school for classes then sitting at home to finish your work. We spend a significantly large portion of our lives sitting down and our poor postures end up costing us a lot. Our backs ache and hurt from time to time and it can get serious over time and cause serious injuries.





It would be amazing if you could get a mold on that would keep you in the right positions all the time. It would straighten your back, square your shoulders and set your neck right. Actually, a similar invention is already made called Percko and it’s even better than we hoped. Instead of a mold, it’s an easily concealed comfortable shirt with sensors that you would have to strain against to get out of the posture. So, at all times, it would remind you to take care of your back.

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