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11 months 2 weeks ago From an Experience of Personal Suffering to Raising Medical Awareness

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is the most important one. The combination between technology and health helps in improving and saving countless lives all around the world. Especially that nowadays people use online platforms and social media all the time. is a medical platform that focuses on producing videos that raise awareness about the disease-symptoms accurately and it allows users to  book an appointement with any doctor on the platform. was founded in February 2018, and they launched their website in July 2018. 

They now have offered their services to 30K+ monthly users on their website, which offers videos for free that can explain the causes and symptoms of any disease by more than 400 doctors in 5 different governorates.

EgyptInnovate’s team had an interview with 3yadtty’s CEO, Omar Hamad, to tell us how he came up with the idea of the platform, the challenges the team faced and the factors of the startup's success.

How did you come up with the idea of

The illness of my daughter inspired me with the idea of this platform. She suffered from Otitis, this disease causes hearing impairment. Listening to my relatives’ and friends’ opinions has caused many complications for my daughter. Until one day, I found an online video that talked about the symptoms of her disease. I then went to an otolaryngologist, who could diagnose the case of my daughter. Which made me think about other people who suffer from many diseases and they don’t know understand their symptoms or the right doctor to go to. 

Then, I took the decision of helping people by providing a website that can help them discover their disease and the correct treatment method. 

What makes your website different than other health tech websites? is the first medical videos platform in the Middle East. We provide more than 800 videos about different illnesses by the doctors, so the platform gives the users the chance to choose the best doctor for his or her case.

The platform works on connecting patients with certain symptoms to specialist doctors. We are focusing on early dedication, increasing awareness and eliminating spreading false information through the word of mouth.

How do you ensure that the quality of doctors on your platform stays the same? 

The website only includes doctors who have a medical license to work. We also have a medical team that reviews videos. The platform relies on providing videos and information about the doctor, so the patient can be comfortable and have enough knowledge before visiting the doctor.

The platform includes many famous doctors who have a good reputation in the medical field which increases the credibility of the website.

What was a changing moment in your business?

The website was launched from Damietta and it was very difficult to stay there, so we transferred my business to Mansoura, which is considered to be the capital of medicine in Egypt because it has many famous doctors and luckily 200 of them registered in

The most rewarding moment is when users thank us for our content and how it helps with early detection of many diseases.

What are the challenges you that you faced throughout the journey? 

Every business has many ups and downs. You can find many people who encourage you, and many people who  try to belittle you and your efforts. The real challenge is how you finance your own company and receive an investment. 

Another challenge is hiring technical employees who usually live in Cairo, which is far from our location.

What do you advise other entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into businesses?

You should see the value of work, and you should believe in yourself. You should see the market reactions about your project, use design thinking techniques in your project, and you should ask experts and listen to their experiences. Your project should rely on solving problems that many people suffer from, and your idea should be the solution.

Written by: Sherouk Salah

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