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First day of Startup Safary Powered By RiseUp

Yesterday, RiseUp took some entrepreneurs and students into a tour in the top startups and organizations in Cairo’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, as part of their event Startup Safary.

The day started by visiting Urban Station, hearing their story, and checking the amazing space. Urban Station introduced the attendees to the founder of Moather startup, who narrated his story and how he met his team and he also gave advice to the attendees saying: “The most important thing to succeed is to believe in your idea, if you only want to start your own business for the sake of it not because you passionately believe in your idea, then you’ll mostly fail.”

Then, the tour continued to Instabug, where attendees had a free tour in instabug’s cool office. Some of Instabug’s team gave a short session to the attendees about Instabusg’s story from the beginning, the challenges they faced, and how they achieved success.

Finally, the tour ended today in Flat6labs office, where Willie Elamein gave a short session about the accelerator program of Flat6labs and also had an open discussion with the attendees about the Egyptian economy and the market’s opportunities. Willie said that the key factors to be accepted in the accelerator are: “the team, the idea itself and how innovative is it, and the market potential”.

The Startup Safary that Riseup is taking us into didn’t finish yet, today is a bigger day where attendees will visit the top startups and organizations in Cairo. This is the second time for RiseUp to organize Startup Safary, and they’re willing to make it happen more often as it is a great opportunity to get exposed to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt. 

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