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Zillion Wallets

Zillion Wallets


In this day and age, we often end up carrying too many items that seem redundant but are necessary; keys, wallet, mobile phone, and often a backup charger too, and the list goes on. You end up filling your pockets or purse with unnecessary weight. With all of these items you carry, it is quite easy to misplace or to forget something, and the situation is made worse if you cannot recall where you last had it.


Inspire Brands Group takes advantage of these two opportunities and creates a product called Zillion Wallets. It is both a wallet and a backup charger, available for both iPhone and Android but is still designed to be a thinner than average wallet. Zillion Wallet uses Tile™, a device that enables you to track the wallet with its application on your phone via bluetooth. When trying to find your Zillion Wallet, you can make it ring or track it on a map. Watch the idea’s video here.


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