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Wind turbines with no blades

5 years 9 months ago
 Wind turbines with no blades


Renewable energy has been a trendy topic over the past few decades. Wind power is one famous example, it is composed of giant rods with blades at the top, which we usually use to generate electricity. The idea of using natural resources hasn’t been utilized yet to its full potential.  A phenomenon called vorticity was thought of as an undesirable effect to architects and construction engineers, now is emerging as a core of new source of energy. 


Instead of avoiding whirlpools of winds a new structure is proposed to convert wind energy into electrical energy. A stretched cone that is made from fiberglass and carbon fiber that allows the mast to vibrate as much as possible. At the base, there are repelling magnets responsible for pulling the mast to the other direction of the movement, and the turbine gets to generate electricity from this movement. 

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