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Token Ring

2 years 6 months ago


Creating passwords for each and everything became a hectic process because of fast moving technology. According to that,  most of the people have an issue and end of forgetting their own passwords, such as bank accounts, access cards, electronic locks, electronic gates, and passwords. Although it's normal to forget about all of those passwords, which is not normal that people go through the same process again and again from scratch trying to change their own passwords, to keep themselves safe.


Token Ring solved this problem, Token Ring is a biometrical ring that can make your payments, power up your computer, part doors etc... With just a wave. It uses a combination of fingerprinting and an optical proximity sensor to ensure that your credentials can't be accessed by a third party. Also, it can verify the identity of the person.  You can use Token Ring instead of passwords, car keys, transit cards, access cards, electronic lock and pairs with most of the credit cards. The Ring costs 249$ with the Token locking system. The package is 349$ but if included the lock and the ignition

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