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Dewgood: Mining Water From Air



The water cycle provides us different water sources. Groundwater is mostly used for bottled water; rivers, seas, and oceans are the main providers for agricultural and daily use. Rain water is also collected and used. When, however, due to location or environmental issues, these sources are less dependable and scarcer, there arises a need for an at-hand source of water.


What is more at hand than air? A large part of existing water is in the air, after having evaporated. The water particles can, in fact, be collected to create fresh water. Dewgood is an atmospheric water generator, with the capacity to generate up to 10 gallons a day. It connects to its smartphone application via Bluetooth, to keep track of water production and measure humidity levels. Dewgood can help alleviate towns and cities affected by drought, or with limited access to fresh water. 


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