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It's Easier Online - E-Commerce Competition


Jun 2020



Jun 2020

14:20 To 14:20
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Seedstars is launching the hackathon: It’s Easier Online under the theme “ﻋﻠﺷﺎن اﻟﺷﻐل ﻣﯾﺗﺄﺛرش”. This is the best time to convince the informal sector and people in vulnerable communities of digital & financial inclusion.

Judging Criteria

  • Customer Pain and Market size
  • Solution: Creativity, Scalability and Technology
  • Business model and Sustainability

Job Creation:

  • Commitment and Diversity of Team Members.


  • Complexity and Design Aesthetics.


Digital & Financial inclusion has a transformative power on the economy, community, and employment. Digital transformation initiatives have been held back for various reasons but the COVID-19 outbreak showed that the need for Digital transformation can no longer be ignored, especially for vulnerable communities.

Challenge A: 

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, bustling markets, such as Attaba, Mosky, Darb El Barabra had closed down. The vendors were losing money by the hour and consumers had no access to their needs.

Challenge B:

Farmers and producers in Upper Egypt don’t have access to a broad consumer base, especially with the limited movement between rural and urban areas.


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