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The Future of Digital Transformation


Nov 2022

Renaissance Cairo...
18:00 To 19:00
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IE Middle East
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Pitching / mentoring / investment days

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Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel Abbas Al Akad Corridor, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt Cairo, 11757


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Attend this master class led by IE faculty. A great opportunity to experience our teaching methodology

The right orchestration of hardware, software, and people has crystallized in a long series of technological enhancements that have forever changed how we work, learn, and play. Digital Twins, Internet of People, Brain-Computer-Interfaces, the Metaverse,...  

The highly transformative effects of what are known as digital technologies are now coming to a level of realization the likes of which were never before imagined. As a consequence, a profound dematerialization of the world is rapidly approaching, and the disruption it will bring about will have inevitable consequences that anyone wishing to remain competitive should want to understand and foresee before being forcefully thrown into them.

Hence, the need to truly understand what digital transformation really means. What are its advantages? More importantly, what are the possible -even probable- pitfalls and hazards?

Follow Professor Pedro Moreno de los Ríos as he discusses the most relevant elements of the upcoming future in digital transformation. In his award-winning masterclass, Prof. Moreno delivers fascinating high-level concepts on the topic, and unravels the key elements of digital transformation for anyone, in any organization, to truly understand and profit from them.

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