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E-Business Cairo 2020


Feb 2020

دار الدفاع الجوي
11:00 To 18:00
Event Organizer
Yalla Ebdaa Scholarships and Yalla Deals Egypt
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Event Details

Yalla Ebdaa Scholarships and Yalla Dealz Egypt are holding this event for entrepreneurs and startups to help them understand the process of turning an idea into a fundable entity.

The Event will explore these areas:

  • Essential elements of a startup
  • Company formation and organization
  • Funding
  • Pitch deck and executive summary
  • Investment Memo
  • Business Model and Financial Risks
  • Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Online Tech for setup projects with lowest fees to launch with your MVP with minimal cost - minimal features 
  • Discovering Drop-shipping - Affiliates as a core & side business 

To know more details click here, and to register, click here.


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