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CodeVsCovid19 Hackathon - Online


Mar 2020



Mar 2020

17:00 To 17:00
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The world’s brightest tech enthusiasts collaborate in a 72h online hackathon to fight the COVID-19 crisis ...

With the HackZurich brand and network but also with the support of our partners we can reach several thousand developers, engineers, scientists and techies. We consider this fact as a privilege but at the same time also a great responsibility to activate the collaborative brain, knowledge and capacity of several thousand technology enthusiasts to solve the biggest challenges regarding COVID-19.

We bring the brightest minds together in a 72h online hackathon, enable them with mentors, subject matter experts, data sources and an international network of partners. The goal of this 72h nonprofit online hackathon is to develop open source prototypes, which contribute to solving the most pressing challenges in the current crisis. We want to build on existing solutions and technologies to prevent duplication and want to enable a sustainable impact after the hackathon to take projects to the next level and implement them for our daily life and work.


Doctors, Coders, Techis, Engineers, Designers, Business People, Translators, Companies/Startups, Mentors, Research Institutions & Others.

Help us to make it happen!


constantly supplemented ...

  • Novel methods of infection detection
  • Data analysis, data visualization, public relations and development for the fight against COVID-19 outbreak
  • Creation of apps, videos, designs, information graphs for assistance in rescue and disaster relief
  • Support for global resource balancing for hospitals, materials, storage, logistics, scheduling, personnel
  • Development of applications for first aid, detection plan, (GPS) activity history analysis, public transport, WiFi hotspot tracking
  • Development of solutions for online and offline collaboration management of employees in order to continue to ensure the economic power
  • Tools to ensure social life (especially for elderly people)
  • Tools and solutions to facilitate homeschooling
  • Develop tools to facilitate self-isolation
  • Leverage microphones already available on a common smartphone, to pre-screen potential cases of COVID-19.


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