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Camp Entrepreneurs


Jul 2019



Jul 2019

16:00 To 20:00
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Bootcamps / startup weekends


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This event will take place for four days from July 14 to 17 and it will be hosted by Seedspace Cairo. It will help Future Entrepreneurs to understand more about the market and the business in Egypt. This camp is targeting a certain age from 16 to 20 years old. The first day, they will have an introduction to Entrepreneurship and how does a startup work and how they can receive an investment. They will get knowledge about the business model. The second day, they will be exposed to the art of pitching and MVP. The third day, they will take a tour around the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem. On the last day, Future Entrepreneurs will understand what the relevant majors can be studied to help them to achieve their dreams. For more info, click here and you can apply here.



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