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Beyond the Known Conference


Oct 2021



Oct 2021

08:00 To 17:00
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The economic effects of public health and lockdown measures disproportionately affected MSMEs in general and informal enterprises in particular. The year 2021, and recovery from Covid-19, will therefore be a venturing into the unknown.

Trajectories of economic and business recovery, innovating business models to a new, post-Covid-19, normal, and building resilience with a view to future crises will only be the starting points of this “Unknown”. Add to that the prevalence of other types of crisis, such as political instability and conflict, or the effects of climate change that shape the reality of many MSMEs. The result is a complex panorama for MSME development post-Covid-19.

Building on the momentum generated by the Beyond the Known conference in 2019, the objective of this second edition is to facilitate peer learning and exchange of experiences among MSME development practitioners.

During the three-day event, the following thematic tracks will be covered:

  1. Achieving Dynamic and Resilient Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  2. Accelerating MSME access to financial services through new technologies and skills development program
  3. Challenging inclusiveness and environmental sustainability in entrepreneurship promotion

During the conference participants will be able to know about successful initiatives and to discuss with experts and leaders about the best strategies to support MSME development.

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The event aims to gather practitioners engaged in entrepreneurship promotion, such as:

  1. Financial and non-financial service providers (e.g. incubators, accelerators, BDS providers, SME banks, microfinance organizations and networks, seed/angel investor networks, impact investors’ networks)
  2. Public SME/Entrepreneurship agencies (e.g. MSME agencies, entrepreneurship centres)
  3. Transnational entrepreneurship promotors (e.g. North-South start-up mentoring programs, global incubators, ANDE)
  4. Development partners (Governments, foundations)
  5. International development organizations and non-governmental organizations with an interest in entrepreneurship promotion


  1. Strengthen dialogue and collaboration among MSME development practitioners on best practices and innovative solutions for entrepreneurship support.
  2. Expand the network of the emerging entrepreneurship community of practice by facilitating participation of practitioners from the Global South.
  3. Consolidate knowledge on best practices and innovative solutions among government, private sector and development organizations on entrepreneurship and MSME promotion.



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