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How can we improve our energy consumption behaviors?

2 years 10 months ago
How can we improve our energy consumption behaviors?


The way we consume energy has a large effect on our future as a nation. As our conventional energy resources decrease globally and transitioning to renewables has been slow, we must take into consideration if we are using energy in the most efficient manner and look at how we can create a sustainable future. Egyptians in major cities consume a large amount of energy each day in an extremely inefficient manner. Energy sources have been subsidized in Egypt for decades, keeping the cost very low to the consumers. As a result, there was generally no real incentive to conserve energy. At the household level, many continue to consume too much energy with their use of inefficient light bulbs and energy-hungry household appliances. Governmental offices, on the other hand, remain lit even after working hours. The irrational use of low-temperature air conditioning, keeping street lights lit at night, leaving empty spaces with lights on, and more are examples of habits that need to be changed. The weak public transportation system forces many to use private cars causing congestion, pollution, and unnecessary energy consumption. Furthermore, building codes do not require nor do they even encourage energy efficiency. The energy subsidies are being slowly removed, forcing us to adapt or pay the rapidly rising costs. As we all become painfully aware of the negative effects of our energy consumption on the environment and economy, we realize we must change our behaviors going forward. This challenge is part of a project administered by Nile University and The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology that aims to engage citizens in articulating a vision for the future of Egypt regarding energy.

Requirements and Constraints

For this challenge, we would like for you to first examine the energy consumption behavioral patterns exhibited by households and organizations in Egypt today. Next, we will think of the ideal society and how you would like for us to behave in terms of our energy usage. Then we will brainstorm how we might begin to alter our current behaviors to match our imagined ideal society. We are looking for any suggestions you might have without placing any constraints on your ideas for what you might think is realistic or feasible. Your ideas will be evaluated by a panel of experts during the Expert Feedback Phase who will then connect them to what is currently being done, what can be done, and what should be done. Three final scenarios, based on your suggestions and the experts’ opinions will be developed describing what the future will look like if we do everything right, what will happen if we do nothing, and what will happen if something goes dramatically wrong.

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