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Okhtub: Intelligent Serious Matchmaking App for Marriage

8 months 3 weeks ago

In this modern day and age, it has become much harder for adults looking to ‘tie the knot’ to find a serious and suitable life partner. With so many dating apps in the market, many young adults aren’t satisfied with the playful nature of relationships and are trying to get into a devoted relationship that clearly concludes in marriage. Here is where Okhtub, a matchmaking app, available for free on Android, for the purpose of marriage using the AI technology and based on psychology, steps in.

“Synchrony and seriousness is the edge of this application and that both these values are two faces of the same coin that cannot be detached,” said Mahmoud Khalafallah, Co-founder and CEO of Okhtub. This is why Okhtub helps its users find life companions that are in coherence and share similar desired values and principals. Okhtub wants to make couples find their life companion and make their relationship happy and lifetime-lasting. 

As evident from the name, Okhtub helps users meet their perfect partner in order to take the first official step in marriage which is the engagement. How does Okhtub fight the casual dating trend? Well, as a start, Okhtub verifies all its users by requesting their national IDs and selfies. This makes sure that all accounts are real people, no fake or doubled accounts can be created and true basic information such as the person’s name, age, marital status and educational status is verified.

Not only that, but Okhtub is also responsible for matchmaking its users with the most suitable candidates according to special AI algorithms based on psychological science that choose these recommendations. The more details each user adds on their profile, the more points they receive, making it easier for the other person to choose suitably.

Okhtub is very keen on maintaining its users’ privacy and principles, this is why the users’ pictures could be blurred (only accepted requests can see the picture clearly) and only the first names are shown.

Additionally, Okhtub team also believes in the concept of ‘commitment’. This explains why users can talk to only one potential partner at a time as this is one of the app’s seriousness indicators.

If users are interested in each other through their conversation on the app, they can then meet each other in real life and if they actually get engaged, they notify the app and both the couple’s accounts are deactivated.

So far, Okhtub, which is currently incubated at the Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), has witnessed 130 engagements and 18 marriages from the app in only 15 months. These couples have found their life partner, took serious steps and are hopefully in the start of a happy and symphonic marriage. 

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