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Four ways to start your online business

1 year 11 months ago

Will I make it if I start an e-commerce website? What can I sell? I don’t have any products and I don’t know the strategies of marketing and selling?

Hold on with me for a second. We’ll start from scratch based on your true desire to start a business, and you must be sure that you need to work hard to find results. An online business is just like any business, with a small difference that launching and spreading it is easier than opening a store to sell products on the ground.

Let me assure you that the market is too big to imagine, so be certain that you’ll find your place among the existing stores, you’ll just work hard to be able to compete.

First of all, how do you choose a product? Or do you already have something in mind that you want to emphasize its importance and advantages or you have nothing in mind?

You need to have a product idea and a specific market, or you’ve noticed a problem in the market that you solve or facilitate its sale through your online store. Do you have an idea already? If the answer is no, you’re in the right place.

1. The easy way: select new products from international websites

Always search and navigate products on Amazon, Alibaba, or any other famous website. You’ll find products new to our society that can attract customers. It’ll be great if you find a product that people face difficulties in reaching.

I’ll tell you soon about websites occupied with publishing strange products from Amazon.

2. Monitor the expectations and problems of the people around you

Focus on your colleagues and relatives and find a problem that they face or a specific product that they couldn’t buy easily. Think about the problem and try to come up with easy and simple solutions and do a basic market research to make sure that the problem isn’t just faced by one or two individuals.

This happened to one of my friends. He found that his sister, a teacher, doesn’t know where to print school shirts for her students., she also faced difficulties with timing and materials. He got an idea for an online store to sell print t-shirts for a smaller cost and to have a door to door delivery. Later on, he developed his idea to receive the design online and print it on t-shirts, send them to the customer with a warranty on the shirts and printing.

This is a clear example of the second method. He found a problem and thought of a solution after he researched the market and made sure that the problem really exists and has a market.

3. Think of products for the hobbyists

Painters and musicians and other hobbyists exist in our Arab world. You can focus on a sector of the hobbyists and ask them what products they use and what difficulties they face, and suggest that you bring them these products, and have a platform where they can know the new products every day and see reviews before buying them.

4. Consider trendy products

You can make a good profit out of these products. When people talk about strange products and you find questions and conversations about these products on social media, I advise you to take your shares of selling this product!

We saw this lately with the spread of spinners, electronic shisha, and other products. The idea is that we like trying anything new, each of us to a certain level. So you may find those who rushed into buying the spinners for a high price of 200 pounds, and others who bought it for 25 pounds on Souq, Jumia, and other websites.

These are simple products that spread like wildfire when they were trendy, you could find them in supermarkets and in all stores.

You can try these ways and you will surely find an idea for a product or a service that you can offer people and start a successful electronic business, I also advise you to always be updated of what’s happening around you and keep reading and don’t turn down ideas until you find your product.

What will we do after specifying the product idea? We’ll plan how the product can have real quality, and this is in the second part of the article

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