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Fawry Partners Up with Tazcara to Provide Egyptians with the Easiest ways to Book Their Tickets

2 years 8 months ago

Tazcara, an online travel bus tickets booking, is finally here and ready to make your traveling life on the road 10X easier! During October 2017, Tazcara received their first large investment, where Fawry decided to partner with the huge potential business to provide all of Egypt with the best bus travel journeys and easiest way to book your seat as well as cancel it.

Such a huge partnership has helped Tazcara expand before even launching; where they were able to grow their partnerships and bring on a larger number of bus providing companies as well as technically improve the application to provide their customers with greater facilities.

Fawry’s choice to come on board may have delayed Tazcara’s launching, however, it will be starting up mid-February 2018 and will be providing its customers with a range of services including; the ability to book their ticket on the application or by simply going to a kiosk and paying for it through the use of Fawry, the chance to select the exact seat on the bus they would like, in addition to selecting the pickup location they would like to get on the bus from and start their journey. Tazcara has just made life on a bus much safer and easier!

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