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Vested Summit 2019


Nov 2019



Nov 2019

Sahl Hashish
09:00 To 21:00
Event Organizer
Vested Summit
Event Type
Summits / conferences


Event Details

Vested Summit is built for real-time problem solving. It was born out of the purpose to create a community of like-minded, Conscious Techies that only have true power when connected to ignite the future.

The summit this year will include stages, workshops, knowledge Cafe, mentoring sessions covering three tracks:

1. Tech Track:

Where attendees, exhibitors and start-ups using frontier technology will gather to craft solutions focusing on six powerful technologies; AI, AR/VR, Voice Tech, Clean Tech, Digital Fabrication, and Blockchain.

2. Investment Track:

It’s a track where startups, investors, and policymakers come together for a full and intensive growth experience and talk about injecting money in the right places.

3. SuperPowers Track:

This track focuses on mental health with various types of healing sessions.

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