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Mastering your Marketing Strategy on a Budget


Jul 2021

17:00 To 18:00
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Global Innovation Catalyst
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Global Innovation Catalyst is an organization whose mission is to accelerate everyone’s potential in the innovation economy by providing experiential learning and development programs, access to a global support and mentorship network, and world class advisory expertise, that deliver significant value to startups, established firms and governmental institutions alike. GIC aims to ultimately propel equitable opportunities for progress, advancing humanity forward by bringing positive change to lives and regions

The Global Innovation Catalyst Alumni Roadshow is kicking off on July 6th with its first online event in Europe

Panelists will discuss how entrepreneurs can scale their business through a proper marketing strategy on a shoestring budget. In addition, they will discuss how entrepreneurs use customer service tricks to retain current customers, and guerrilla marketing strategies to stay competitive, explaining how they did it, where others failed and what advice they would give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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