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Lean Change Agent Workshop


Sep 2016



Sep 2016

09:00 To 17:00
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Agile Experts
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2-day workshop with Mike Leber. A fresh Approach for Change Management. Adaptive itself. Intensive, highly interactive, awesome experience, great learning! For all Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, Agile Coaches, Change Consultants, Organizational Developers. This workshop is designed to help you discover more effective practices for introducing and managing change in your organization. You'll learn by doing, not by reading PowerPoint slides! You'll hear real stories about how to apply better, innovative practices to managing change.


Managers, Change Management Professionals, Agile Coaches and anyone who wants to learn how to effectively introduce and manage change in their organizations. Worried you don't have clout in your organization? It's not necessary, forget everything you thought you knew about change management and learn how to become a Lean Change Agent!


  • What Lean Change Management is
  • Where Change Resistance comes from and how to manage it
  • How to use and create fit-for-purpose, lightweight planning tools, such as Change Canvases
  • How to lead change from any level in your organization
  • Many tools and practices that you can use right away
  • How to manage change programs by using Agile practices


Early bird ticket               €1,150.00

Standard ticket                €1,290.00

Group: Take 3, Pay 2       €860.00

Group: Team of 2             €990.00

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