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LA CoMotion


Nov 2017



Nov 2017

12:00 To 20:00
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LA CoMotion
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Summits / conferences


Event Details

LA CoMotion is a five-day event that aims to revolutionize urban mobility. Talks, panels, and workshops will be taking place during the Cities in Motion Leadership Conference on 15th-17th, and during the weekend the Expo and Festival will include exhibitions, test drives, and demos of the latest mobility innovation.


The conference can be attended by anyone interested in finding technological solutions to mobility issues in urban settings, from infrastructure, to pollution and traffic. The Public Expo Festival is also accessible for the general public.


Earlybird full access ticket: $1,500 and LA CoMotion Public Expo Festival :$20-30


  • Gaining a glimpse into the new urban future.
  • Revolutionizing mobility and transport in urban settings, to transform where and how we live, work, and play — and walk, bike and ride.


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