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Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?


Feb 2024

Coworker, Heliopolis
19:00 To 21:00
Event Organizer EgyptInnovate
Event Type
Pitching / mentoring / investment days


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Is entrepreneurship for everyone? If you are wondering about this question, We invite you to join this very special interactive talk.

The Speaker is Hani W. Naguib, Innovation Consultant and Startup Mentor, Hani is an advocate for Innovation based in Cairo, Egypt, his dedication to mentoring startups spans over 10,000 hours, showcasing his passion for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Egypt.

Join the named African Ecosystem Hero at the 2023 African Global Startups Awards,
on the 20th of Feb 2024
at Coworker.
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Early Stage Entrepreneurs, University Senior year students.


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