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AI for DevOps Transformation


Nov 2023

23:00 To 23:00
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Pitching / mentoring / investment days


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe a wide range of smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically required human intelligence. AI can be applied following SAFe to build intelligent customer solutions, automate value stream activities, and improve customer insights. In our workshop we will introduce SAFe full picture and how they add to their latest version AI and why AI matter.

What’s the success factors for AI in Scaled agile and how SAFE establish an AI Solution path that can be customized according to the needs . Finally what companies can do to adapt .

Speaker’s Info
Eng. Reham Saleh, Agile Lead Coach & Enterprise Architect Consultant, at SECC
A team player with strong experience in transformation, communications and marketing. Strong ability to communicate and inspire change and engagement and used to facilitating delivery with agile teams.
Digital transformation and innovation professional with strong experience in Agile product and service delivery Agile at scale (certified SPC,RTE , Team, Scrum Master, SAFe Leading).

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