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2020 EBN Congress


Nov 2020



Nov 2020

10:00 To 20:00
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Summits / conferences


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The 2020 EBN Congress brings together exceptional innovators from all over Europe and beyond to exchange ideas and foster co-learning on subjects such as:

  • Business modeling for EU|BICs
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Healthcare
  • Innovative financial resources
  • Internationalization of European innovation
  • Horizon Europe and forward-thinking EU instruments

Today, Europe’s innovation ecosystems are being tested by extreme circumstances. Standing with their Startups, SMEs and their ecosystem actors, EU|BICs and EBN Members have been acting responsive, and are willing to lead with bold action on digitalisation, innovation and sustainability. In this context, deepening the EBN community is more vital to the future than ever before.

Connect and participate in the 2020 EBN Congress, Register Now to have the chance to:

  • Watch and interact with speakers in the panels and workshops
  • Join the Meet the Speakers sessions
  • Book Virtual Matchmaking: One-on-one networking video chats

If you would like to get a free registration, register your startup on the platform here and then register on EBN Congress as one of our client companies.


The event is free for EBN members and their client companies. Non-members fee: 59€ excl VAT.


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