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Khaled Amin

Khaled Amin Agile Coach and Scrum Master


Mechanical Engineer

Khaled's Career is all about project management waterfall and now Agile and digital transformation, Khaled has successfully delivered over 50 projects and programs in different industry sectors including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Service transition, Business Intelligence and Software Development.

When it comes to innovation and digital transformation Khaled thinks that the key driver is empowering the people to be self organized and deliver without any micromanagement or command and control model, For this, Khaled believes that agile is the keyword to cope with the fast paced world we live and to deliver not what the customer wants but instead deliever what is really needed.

Khaled is certified in PMP, PRINCE2, Agile Coach, Team Facilitator and Scrum Master.

Areas of expertise:

Agile, Scrum, Digital Transformation