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Innovation Digest

4 years 2 months ago
Innovation Digest

The Innovation Digest is one of EgyptInnovate’s many exciting platform features. It is a handpicked selection of latest trends around technology and innovation both locally and globally that have been chosen just for you by our experienced team of contributors. Local and global innovation content, such as articles, videos, book reviews and infographics, to keep you updated, in the game and get you inspired to start your own journey.

Who should use it?
The digest is the destination for any entrepreneur looking for lifestyle advice or the latest innovation and technology trends. It is a hub where anyone who is passionate about entrepreneurship can find quick inspirational or educational content. If you follow the innovation bazaar daily, after a time you can become your own innovation expert as it gives you a look at the latest in the market of startups, corporates, governments or investors.

When to use it?
You can use the digest if you are looking for an idea, or you already have an idea and want to take it to the next level. For startup owners this feature can help you learn more about startup growth. The innovation digest includes personal development highlights, all presented in a quick and simple read format.

How to use it?
Click on the “Get inspired” tab, then choose the innovation digest button. Here you can find different type of content, whether educational or inspirational. The feature is designed to meet you interest: long articles, listicles, how to aritcles, tips, and videos. You can check the comments are to interact with EgyptInnovate's writers and readers.

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