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Is Your Idea Patentable? Then it’s Time To Register It

After doing your Prior Art Research and validate that your idea is Patentable, the next step is obtaining the patent itself. A patent application request is a request to grant you a certain invention described by that application.

Patenting your idea will help you exclude other competitors or inventors from profiting for your idea without your permission. Additionally, it gives you exclusivity for a period up to 20 years long. But how do this process (Patent Registration) work?

Some innovators see patenting as a technique since they can minimize the competition at least for 20 years and also monetize from their invention either through selling or licensing it.

Steps To Patent Your Idea

  • Fill the application request
  • Write 100 words about your invention in English and Arabic
  • Detailed description of your invention
  • Fill a transcript to assure that you submitted all the required documents
  • A drawing of your invention if applicable
  • Fill an application for meeting all the conditions
  • Get 3 hard copies of the documents in addition to a soft copy on a CD or a Flash Memory.

After filling and finishing the required documents you can go to the Egyptian Patent Office at Kasr ElNile Street, Cairo Egypt. The patenting process may take up from to 2 to 3 years from the filing date of the application in order to turn it into a granted patent.

Also, bear in mind that filing a patent registration is very expensive and it does not stop at filing the application only, instead you will keep paying annuity fees until the expiry of your patent protection period and they are not cheap as well.

So, you need to study your product very well and think of your biggest markets and followed by the countries that will offer you the cheapest production costs. 

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