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8 competitions Egyptian Innovators should apply to

2 years 10 months ago

1. IbTIECar

In 2012, the Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) launched their innovation and entrepreneurship competition, IbTIECar. The competition aims at empowering young innovators in the Information and communication technology (ICT) to support the national economy. If you are an undergrad with an innovative, problem-solving graduation project, IbTIECar can be your gate to the market.

IbTIECar offers different awards from certificates of acknowledgments to business training and financial awards. The tops three winning teams get financial awards up to EGP10,000. Moreover, the winning teams get a free entrepreneurship training with TIEC to be able to take their projects to the next level and write a business plan.

Do not miss their application starting the coming March, who knows who is the next winner?

2. Made In Egypt
Made in Egypt (MIE) is a competition for all Egyptian Engineering students working on their graduation projects. MIE is founded and organized by IEEE Egypt GOLD affinity group in order to fill the gap between academic and industrial communities. Over the past 9 years, MIE has been empowering students to “think, plan, act and WIN” in order to impact the industry and economy in Egypt.Check MIE requirements and apply to your project, do not let it end up as a memory of your senior college year.

3. Egyptian Engineering Day
The Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) is an annual summit for students and engineers organized by IEEE Egypt. The event aims at contributing to the development of Egyptian products and empowering students’ innovative ideas. Around 200 projects participate in the EED annually trying to solve some of Egypt’s current challenges.

The 2-day event includes graduation project exhibition, competitions, talks and workshops which target engineers to help equip them with the latest research and market needs. EED is not only a competition, it is a chance to catch up with innovators, key speakers, and men for the industry all over Egypt.

4. Engineering support society
The Engineering Support Society (ESS) is a social network for Engineers and their inventions. ESS seeks to establish a research and development platform in the Egyptian society  by organizing training sessions, events, sponsorships and experience transfer sessions for practical engineering projects.

Engineers who have practical innovative ideas go to ESS website and create a project account. ESS gives them full support technically or managerially through mentoring and training. Moreover, ESS offers financial support whether by connecting projects to investors or by cash. Being part of ESS will help you connect with engineers, and access their project database to help you evaluate your project in comparison to what's already there.

5. Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a one-week event that is held every year on November. It is an annual event that celebrates innovators and entrepreneurs locally and globally through a series of events, workshops, and competitions. The GEW connects innovators with potential mentors, investors and people from the industry offering them vast opportunities.

The event is held in 125 countries aside Egypt with partners from all over the world. Take your idea to the next level in 7 days.

6. Youth Innovation Awards
The Young Innovators Awards (YIA) aims to stimulate the environment for scientific research and development (R&D) in Egypt. Through a combination of financial awards and practical
training, YIA’s programs build upon the talents of young Egyptian scientists—both undergraduates and recent graduates—and help foster long-term careers in the field of scientific innovation. By supporting the development of projects from the early university-level stages, all the way to commercialization in the market, YIA enables young scientific innovators with opportunities for work in R&D in Egypt, while having an overall effect on the Egyptian economy at large.

YIA’s success stories demonstrate the program’s overall impact. A number of awardees have pursued careers in scientific innovation and helped to develop new, Egypt-owned scientific research and products. Companies in Egypt have purchased products from YIA beneficiaries, and some YIA beneficiaries have also gone on to start small businesses.

7. Injaz Egypt
Injaz Egypt is a non-profit organization that is a volunteer-based education program with a mission to inspire, empower and prepare Egyptian youth, enhancing their opportunities to join the job market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs.

8. AlAzhar Exhibition for Engineering Applications (AZEX)

AZEX is a conference held annually in ElAzhar University  focusing on three segments; the student, the university and the society. The exhibition seeks to empower students through offering different peer to peer workshops, competitions and linking the student to the industry through Multinational sponsored training. The team organizes an annual exhibition where students from other universities are allowed to exhibit their projects with the presence of media, multinational companies and academia.

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