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Innovation Fundamentals - مبادئ الابتكار

Instructed by: Mohab Anis
3 years 3 months ago
Innovation Fundamentals - مبادئ الابتكار

Innovation fundamentals is a course intended for those who want to understand what innovation is, the impact of innovation businesses; big or small and how to innovate in their own companies. It is a course appropriate for those who are prepared to learn new techniques, styles, and ways of thinking and to develop managerial skills and appropriate knowledge in this field.

Skill Level


What will you learn

  1. Understand the definition of innovation and its different types.
  2. Understand how the lack of innovation causes businesses to fail/struggle
  3. Understand how applying business and technological innovation help businesses to grow
  4. Understand the business opportunity model; a step by step process to build an innovative business concept

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