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The Li-fi Technology

3 years 2 months ago
The Li-fi Technology


Some places don’t support the Wi-Fi or there can be a problem in connectivity. The light bulb came to solve this problem by being attached to your computer.


The Li-fi provides 10,000 times faster internet than Wi-Fi with more bandwidth speed. Wi-Fi acts as an internet transmitter as it uses the visible light of the electromagnetic spectrum.This small device can be attached to your laptop or tablet, it takes a signal from the ceiling’s LED light which can’t be detected by the human eye as it quickly turns on and off. Critics say that it won’t serve many people simultaneously since these walls restrict this technology, but ts creators said that it is another way to get online but not a replacement for Wi-Fi. Nikola Serafimovsk (Vice President, Business Strategist) said that: “the way we achieve wireless communication using light is by changing the intensity of the LED light. Effectively, we are modulating, or turning the light on and off at millions of times per second”.

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